Harm to Children – Child Injury Lawyer

The threats to a happy and safe childhood are everywhere: shaken baby syndrome, car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents caused by careless drivers, burns caused by unsafe products, inattentive adults, caretakers and negligent and abusive adults, dog bites, house fires, unfenced pools, windows without guards, unsafe toys, unsafe child products, and unlocked guns and household chemicals, to name a few.injured child

The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System estimates that almost one million cases of child abuse or neglect are reported in the United States each year. Children who are victims of neglect or abuse suffer not only the physical manifestation of this abuse, but must also endure painful emotional and psychological suffering. The physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of abuse and neglect can take years to overcome. In cases where a baby or child has lost his or her life due to abuse or neglect, the results are unimaginably tragic.

You may be asking yourself how you can help a child who has been left to face the consequences of wrongdoing by an adult. You may want to seek justice, and ensure that the child receives coverage for his or her long-term medical and psychological needs, in addition to any compensation for pain and suffering. This is where our attorneys can help. We have experienced personal injury attorneys, and over three decades of trial experience. We have handled cases involving trauma to children, including cases of sexual molestation.

We accept only a select number of cases, which allows us to provide personalized attention and allocate significant resources to the children and families in each case.

Damage claims on behalf of children include the following:

Children’s brain injury
Children’s spinal injury
Child scarring and disfigurement
Automobile accident injury
Truck accident injury
Pedestrian and bicycle injury
Premises liability
Wrongful death cases
Child molestation & sex abuse
Defective product cases
Birth trauma injuries
Dog bites

If you believe that a child in your family has been injured due to the fault of another, call our office for a free consultation about your child injury case.