Would you buy from a store that sells food close to expiry date? Well, WeFood a grocery store in Denmark has just accomplished that. It is not like the social supermarkets that serve exclusively low-income people. WeFood is open to all understanding the fact that nobody likes to be known as poor. This initiative has seen great success and their inventory is emptied out on a daily basis. There are times that they have had to make emergency deliveries. They are not the first in Europe to sell surplus food and their services are intended to the betterment of the general public.

This initiative has helped reduce food wastage in Denmark by 25% over the past five years. It is open to all and operated by volunteers. WeFood like Daily Table is a non-profit establishment. As WeFood is operated by volunteers it does not need to cover operational costs and any profit made is used to support anti-poverty initiatives in other parts of the world. While the French Government has imposed laws against food wastage implementing fines and making it mandatory to give away food in charity, Denmark has taken a more effective carrot-based approach. WeFood has been open long enough and it is expected to grow into a chain in the near future.

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