Clinton Foundation vs Hillary Clinton – A Showdown


The Clinton Foundation a non-profit charitable organization was founded by former US President Bill Clinton in 1997. The foundation by the year 2016 has raised an estimated $2 billion from US corporations, political donors, various other groups and individuals and even from foreign governments and corporations. Their sources of funds have always been a source of controversy. The Clinton Foundation is more so in the limelight with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Bill Clinton says that over the past 18 years there have been thousands of donors who gave to the foundation. While there may have been some donors who tried to gain influence with the Clinton family it does not imply that the donors may have received any inappropriate favors. Being political figures it was but natural that friends and allies requested favors but the State Department has done nothing out of bounds as stated by Bill Clinton.


There have been rising concerns over the functioning of the Clinton Foundation if Hillary Clinton were to step up as the next President of the United States this November. The issue has been placated by Bill Clinton in this week’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting where he promised to step away completely from the foundation if Hillary gets elected. Clinton Global Initiative is a part of the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has provided premium global charity services with affordable medicines, economic opportunities and healthy food worldwide.

The issue being to evaluate the candidacy of each of the candidates in the upcoming US Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton has been pushed through the eye of the needle. Bill Clinton highly commends her strength and integrity. While there have been questions raised on communications between the Clinton Foundation and State Department while Hillary Clinton was in charge. The claims suggest that the foundation staff asked for various meetings and passing of job prospects on behalf of donors, there has been no proof to establish any favors having been performed against standing U.S. Policy.

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Afro-Americans More Prone To Asthma


Asthma a leading chronic disease affects some populations more severely than others. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have observed that Afro-American children are twice likely to be asthmatic than the white Americans and Afro-Americans stand a 10 times greater chance of death due to asthma complications. Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco have taken it upon themselves to address this claim by looking for reasons in the genetic makeup of the most prone population and also at Mexican American and Puerto Rican children’s genes to better understand drug responses in each population.

Marquitta White, a renowned Geneticist, recently published findings that since the majority of genetic studies have been studied in Caucasian or European descent populations, the results and medications vary greatly from those of the Afro-American populations and is the main reason for poor care and responsiveness to available medication and treatments. For example, there is a common asthma medication called Advair that particularly specifies that it is not suitable for African Americans and that it poses an 8 fold risk of death. Albuterol another commonly administered drug for asthma has adverse effects on Puerto Rican and African American children. Both these populations have a high mortality rate.

hos1It is essential to include minority populations too in clinical studies. The case is a reminder of the time when heart diseases were studied only in men due to which women underwent a very difficult time of diagnosis and treatment. Disease etiology and treatment need to be studied in individual populations due to the differences in genetic makeup. Genetics of a population contributes greatly to their well-being, survival traits and health risks. Asthma often is associated with the environment the patients live in and mostly are observed in those with a history of asthma in the family. Way back in 1993, the Congress had passed a legislation that publicly funded medical studies must include more minorities, although this has not yet been put to practice effectively.

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Prisons As Breeding Grounds of Terrorism


The ISIS is now recruiting a new brand of Jihadists with a criminal record. The suicide bombers in Brussels and those of the November 2015 Paris attack were ex-convicts. Two of the suicide bombers in Brussels were brothers of which one had been convicted of assault and bank robbery while the other was involved in a carjacking. These new ISIS recruits are both gangsters and terrorists. The Lantin Prison is one of Belgium’s largest prisons meant to serve as a short stay prison for those awaiting trial or sentencing. It is said by the Brussel investigators that it was here in the prison walls that Ibrahim el-Bakraoui was transformed from a criminal to a violent Jihadist.

terror1Massay an ex-social worker who became a prison guard 5 years ago states his observation in the French prisons. Being a gentle and empathetic person he can identify those radical prisoners who try to radicalize inmates by imparting that they are being mistreated. Massay qualified his Master’s degree in criminology and focuses on terrorism, radicalization and school bullying. He can identify these elements by the choice of books they read and recommend to fellow inmates and sometimes even to other prison guards. Prison guards are expected to report incidents of radicalization but most fail to distinguish between radicalization and a person merely trying to rediscover religion.

Luk Vervat a prison reform activist who taught Dutch and English in Belgian prisons says that discrimination is the root cause of radicalization and people turning to terrorism. A person even if born in Belgium has brown skin, is discriminated as a foreigner. Brussels has very little jobs to offer and employers usually hire people who look like they belong together. Minority communities for lack of socio-economic security turn to criminal activities like drug dealing and cigarette sales. It is said that Ibrahim Abdeslam a suicide bomber in the November Paris attack met one of the main attack plotters, Abdelhamid Abaaoud in Prison.

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